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Solid Edge User Summit And Executive Symposium, Cincinnati, Ohio Sept 28-30 2005

UGS Velocity Series launch. This picture shows about 1/3 of the attendees   Miroslav during his hour long presentation on "Rendering for Design Reviews, Marketing, Sales, Technical Publications and Other Uses"

Derek Holseth of JMS, John Pearson of JMS, Ryan Gudorf of Budde Sheet Metal Works Dayton OH and Miroslav   Kaitlin O'Brien, Marketing Associate for Z Corp. presenting Miroslav the 3D print of the Ducati Desmo head

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show - Exhibition Place, Toronto 2005

Mike Edwards, editor of DPN with Miroslav   Miroslav, Philip Malcove, Francis Robert, Rose Francella, John Pearson and Claude Carmel

Francis Robert, Miroslav, Philip Malcove, Kevin Johnstone, Richard Baldi and John Pearson   Miroslav with Francis Robert from UGS Montreal

Toronto Regional Solid Edge User Meeting, Toronto April 05, 2005

Dan Staples, Developing Director at UGS and Miroslav   Miroslav was invited to speak about Bluming Inc as part of User Presentations

John Pearson of JMS, Miroslav and Peter Takacs of Structural Focus Inc.   Miroslav with Mike Paludan, Solid Edge Americas Marketing Director

Canadian Manufacturing Week, International Centre, Toronto September 28-30, 2004

John Pearson of JMS Design Fusion, Rose Francella of JMS, Miroslav and Richard Baldi Director of Canadian Channel Business, UGS Canada   Bruce Boes, VP, Solid Edge Marketing & Business Strategy, UGS USA, Rose Franchella of JMS,
Susan Cinadr, Manager of Solid Edge Marketing Communications and John Pearson of JMS with Miroslav

Susan Cinadr, Philip Malcove, John Pearson, Rose Franchella, Greg Marsh of JMS, Miroslav and
Claude Carmel, Solid Edge Account Manager, Montreal, Canada
  Philip Malcove, Application Engineer of UGS Canada and Miroslav

Plast-Ex 2004, International Centre, Toronto May 3-6, 2004

Miroslav with Rose Francella of JMS and John Pearson of JMS   Miroslav with John Pearson of JMS

Advanced Manufacturing Expo, International Centre, Toronto March 24-25, 2004

Miroslav at the Solid Edge booth, with Ducati 996 in background (supplied by Brampton Cycle)   Miroslav with Rose Francella of JMS, Hulas King of EDS USA, Greg Marsh of JMS and John Pearson of JMS

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show, Exhibition Place Toronto, October 20-23, 2003

Miroslav Mitrovic, Exhibitor at Solid Edge booth   Demonstrating Solid Edge

Miroslav Mitrovic and Kevin Johnstone of JMS Design Fusion, Toronto   From left to right:
Dave Wingrave UGS (former EDS), Mississauga
Claude Carmel, UGS Montreal
Greg Marsh and John Pearson, JMS Design Fusion, Toronto with Miroslav

Assembly Canada - Canada's Electronics Manufacturing Event Toronto, March 12-13, 2003

Greg Marsh of JMS Design Fusion and Miroslav Mitrovic   Richard Baldi, Director of Canadian Channel Business, UGS (former EDS) and Miroslav Mitrovic

Miroslav Mitrovic holding Solid Edge demonstrations at the EDS booth (now UGS)   Guarding the EDS booth with Greg Marsh and Richard Baldi

Fourth Annual Solid Edge Global Summit, Atlanta GA, USA, 2001

Solid Edge Global Summit -
Annual Summit attended by Solid Edge professionals from all over the world. This week-long event features special speakers holding seminars on various Solid Edge topics.

Miroslav Mitrovic, Grand Prize Solid Edge Design Contest winner at the Solid Edge Global Summit 2001 in Atlanta.   Miroslav Mitrovic after being announced the winner of Grand Prize for Design, with Linda Zutter and Kathy Modrall of EDS

Miroslav Mitrovic and Progressive Die guru Scott Christensen   from left: Marcelo Martins, James Biffle, J. Fred White, Rene Ramirez, Miroslav and Ken Wilson

Third Annual Solid Edge Global Summit, Atlanta GA, USA, 2000

Miroslav and Unigraphics Canada crew: Philip Malcove (standing), Dave Wingrave and Kevin Johnstone (sitting), at the Solid Edge Global Summit 2000.   Philip Malcove (far left) and Miroslav Mitrovic (far right)

Miroslav Mitrovic and Sandy McDonald, Angus Elliot and Mike Jefferies of
J-Squared Technologies
  Bob Henry (left), consultant and one of the speakers at the Solid Edge Summit with Miroslav